A Seadogs visit to the River Exe Café – by Ted

Ted River Exe Cafe

“On a sunny Friday evening in early May my owners, some friends, and Freya and I sailed over to the River Exe Café for the first time this year. We loved going last year, and spent many happy hours watching the boats and the birds (I love chasing the seagulls in the shallows!), and my owners have always enjoyed the local drinks they offer and the amazing range of freshly caught seafood. If you’ve not yet been then the Café (or the floating bar as we call it) is in the Estuary, between Starcross and Exmouth. It’s amazing, all that food and all those people, and it somehow floats! There is a water taxi that goes regularly, but we rocked up in our little boat, and spent a lovely evening there. I got admired and stroked as usual, and I even got a few chips that fell my way! The staff were so friendly, and the views of the estuary with the sun setting were gorgeous. A beautiful setting and perfect if you’re looking for something a bit different. 10/10 from this ole Seadog! See you next month folks!”

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