Autumnal Adaptations

Autumn is a beautiful time of year and perfect for lovely long dog walks. Enjoy the gorgeous colours, the mellow mists, the sparkling dewy cobwebs and the lovely feeling of coming home and getting warm. As the leaves start to fall and the nights draw in we tend to stock up on fuel, switch the heating on, and invest in a new jacket or boots. The change in season affects our dogs too; here are some of the issues to be aware of to keep your dog safe and happy this Autumn.

  1. The temperature change will affect our dogs, and some breeds more than others. Breeds such a greyhound may need a coat for colder weather.
  2. Consider your dog’s diet, and whether they need more calories to keep themselves warm. This can apply particularly to dogs that spend more time outside, such as working dogs.
  3. As we stock up on medicines for winter illnesses, make sure your dog cannot reach them. For example drugs for arthritis and ibuprofen are especially toxic for dogs.
  4. As the days shorten it is likely you may be exercising your dog in the dark. These days there is a huge choice of reflective clothing/vests, reflective flashing collars, reflective leads and other amazing gadgets to make your dog visible in the dark. Please keep yourself and your dog safe in the dark!
  5. Every year we are asked about how to best help dogs with Firework Fear; for some people this is the hardest time of year for their dogs, and can last over a few weeks. Please see our article from last November about this,

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