Ted’s first charity social walk

From the world of Ted…my first charity social walk

Being half greyhound, when I heard about the social walk in aid of the Greyhound Rescue West of England charity, I thought it was my duty to show up and support my fellow greyhounds. It was an amazingly hot and sunny October day, and the event was organised by Rachel of Devon Dog Services. We met up on Marden Moor on Dartmoor, where the views were just stunning, you could see all the way to Exmoor! We were a wonderful range of breeds, all sizes, shapes and ages, and even a couple of puppies showed up, though they did a shorter version of the walk. Our owners chatted as we raced about and socialised, and some of us enjoyed the odd lick of a cow poo! After the walk we relaxed in the sunshine, and there was a raffle, I was thrilled as we won two whole bags of dog food mmm! It was a great event, there might be a Christmas one organised too so we will keep you posted!
Some interesting facts not to be sniffed at also caught my eye in the ‘New Scientist’ this week, guess how many million scent receptors you humans have, and how many some of us dog breeds have?
Humans – 6 million
Dachshund – 125 million
Beagle – 225 million
Blood hound – 300 million

Remember that the next time you are cooking roast beef!

Love Ted X

NB Photo below shows Anna, Paul, and Duncan from DDB, host families Paula, Helen and Rosie, puppies Gwen and Mabel, beautiful greyhound Dolly, handsome host Bracken, and of course me, Ted!

social walk

Ted goes networking…

The name’s Ted, here’s my business card….

Ted beerOn Sunday the 8th of September, I attended my first business function. Now I have my own blog and twitter account as the face of Devon Dog Boarding, I thought it was time to get out there and do some networking, make some connections, do some deals….so I was thrilled when my owners took me along to the EDBI (East Devon Business Initiative) Summer BBQ in aid of the charity Clic Sargent. My Mum goes along every Friday to the business breakfast meetings, and I was looking forward to meeting the group. I was especially looking forward to seeing my best friend Chelsea, mentioned in my April blog, owned by Jenn of Meca Car Services. The event was held at the Turf Locks, and we walked there from Starcross. I had a groom before leaving, and I did try to stay clean…but on the way I spotted a seagull in the Estuary, and it was low tide…. I have to admit I got pretty grubby, head to toe mud :( I thought I smelt great, but the humans don’t usually see it that way! Still, I washed off in the canal, and we arrived to find everyone gathered outside under a tree. It was a very British BBQ, with wind and rain and people wearing waterproofs, but soon the meat was cooking and everyone was having fun. I said hello to everyone, had a great run around, and Elsie, Chelsea and I played with the children for a long time. There was a raffle for Clic Sargent, and it’s always beautiful at the Turf Locks, looking at the Estuary and the lovely countryside. I was lucky enough to be given some small scraps of BBQ meat in exchange for my repertoire of tricks, and we returned home exhausted but very happy. This networking business is fun! Keep an eye out for me, see you next month!

Ted XX

Ted does Afternoon Tea

” A couple of weekends ago my owner and her grandmother took me to the Walled Garden Tearooms at Dunsford for Afternoon Tea. I knew this was a treat, so I was on my best behaviour. I had a feeling I wouldn’t have been invited had I rolled in my favourite cologne that morning, or drunk lots of sea water as I recently did! We walked through the picture perfect village of Dunsford, and entered the walled garden. The tables are spread throughout the garden in little hidden locations, we eventually found a nice sheltered shady spot, and ordered tea. The menu is all home made, so it was hard for my people to choose. I was very impressed that when their cream teas arrived I was brought out a Schmacko, my favourite treat! They even checked with my owner first whether I had any dietary requirements. We all enjoyed our treats in the peaceful surroundings, and then watched the tiny garden birds hopping around looking for any crumbs that had fallen. That was more interesting than TV for me! I had a nice cool drink on the way out, we admired the fish in the pond, and promised the friendly staff we would be back soon. The tearooms are open from April to October,so take advantage of the Summer months and visit soon. You might see me there if I am good! Off to chase some birds on the beach now, see you next month!”

Ted X


A Seadogs visit to the River Exe Café – by Ted

Ted River Exe Cafe

“On a sunny Friday evening in early May my owners, some friends, and Freya and I sailed over to the River Exe Café for the first time this year. We loved going last year, and spent many happy hours watching the boats and the birds (I love chasing the seagulls in the shallows!), and my owners have always enjoyed the local drinks they offer and the amazing range of freshly caught seafood. If you’ve not yet been then the Café (or the floating bar as we call it) is in the Estuary, between Starcross and Exmouth. It’s amazing, all that food and all those people, and it somehow floats! There is a water taxi that goes regularly, but we rocked up in our little boat, and spent a lovely evening there. I got admired and stroked as usual, and I even got a few chips that fell my way! The staff were so friendly, and the views of the estuary with the sun setting were gorgeous. A beautiful setting and perfect if you’re looking for something a bit different. 10/10 from this ole Seadog! See you next month folks!”

Ted takes his ladyfriend Chelsea to the Nobody Inn…


Last week I took my beautiful collie friend Chelsea to the Nobody Inn in Doddiscombesleigh. It also happened to be her owners birthday, so our humans were in high spirits. The Inn dates from the 17th century, and is bursting with character. On entering the pub there was a nice bowl of fresh water for us, which was appreciated after our car journey. We were seated at a candle lit table, very romantic, and us canines were allowed anywhere in the restaurant, we weren’t restricted to the bar. Chelsea and I settled ourselves under the table together for a catch-up, whilst little Freya cuddled up on a cushion on a comfy chair. Amazing smells of duck, slow roasted belly pork, steak and ale pie and vegetable tortellini wafted around, and we could tell our owners were having fun. When it came to dessert the birthday boys cheesecake arrived with a firework in it and everyone sang happy birthday! The garden looked lovely and as we were leaving we could hear tawny owls calling to each other, we will certainly come back on a sunny day and enjoy the garden this Summer. The Nobody Inn gets the Ted seal of approval!