Firework Fear

Bonfire night may be a fun time of year for us, but not always for our canine friends. The loud noises and explosions can really scare some dogs, especially if they have had a bad experience with these in the past. Many of our clients book their dogs into quiet host family homes around this time of year to be away from the fireworks, and we have trained all our host families how to cope with fireworks and fearful dogs. Here are our top tips for making sure you and your dog have an enjoyable time.

  1. If you have a new dog you may not know how he is around firework time, so watch him for signs of stress, but remain calm and assertive as always yourself
  2. Walk your dog well before dark, so you are unlikely to be outside when any fireworks go off
  3. Keep your dog on the lead, in case there is a sudden bang and they bolt (and make sure they are wearing a tag with your name and number on it too)
  4. Don’t leave your dogs alone if you have concerns that they may be scared. Try not to worry, as your dog will pick up on your reaction
  5. If it’s very noisy in your area put the television or radio on to hide the noise
  6. Make sure they have a safe area to retreat to, such as a bed under a table
  7. If you are concerned the dog is showing signs of excessive stress follow basic first aid advice and call your vet

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