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How we match your dog’s energy to the host family

Do you jump out of bed at first light, down an energy drink and set of on a 5 mile run? Or do you prefer to wake slowly, have a coffee, read the papers and consider getting ready for a stroll to the shops?

We all have very different energy levels, as do our dogs. Getting the right match between dog and family is vital, as it is of course with matching a rescue dog and an adopting family. Our first step is to investigate our host families, ask them questions about their lifestyle, what sort of walks they like to take, and we also get a feel about their energy level from the way they talk, gesticulate, and from their body language. Usually from the age, breed, and current routine of the dog we can make a good guess, but the real test is when he/she meets the host family. Mismatching a family to a dog will result in a dog not having a happy holiday – either he will be exhausted from all the activity in the family if his energy level is lower than theirs (children usually raise the energy level of a household) or he will be underexercised and frustrated, and prone to boredom behaviour such as chewing or barking.

At Devon Dog Boarding we strive to find the best match for your dog, because when matched with right family he will be happy and content, just as we all want him to be :)


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