Our host families head to Bicton for a day of Canine First Aid training

Last Friday seven of our host families headed to Bicton college for the Canine First Aid course. Giving our guest dogs the best care possible is one of our core values at DDB, and this includes in times of medical emergency. Host family Bob and Claire have kindly written this review of how the day went.  Below we have a photo taken by host family Jane and Tony of the materials laid out ready to bandage a paw.

“I certainly found the day enjoyable & informative.  We all received a Certificate of Attendance & got through a 20 question recap test!  We will need to ensure that an updated 1st Aid kit is carried in our car, stocked with most of the items suggested.  I’m going to keep the handouts with the kit, for reference & help. 6 or 7 ‘volunteer’ dogs were used for the Practical Bandaging section.  The aim was to bandage a cut paw.  Not all of the dogs were good patients however, & took a lot of effort working in pairs to get them to co-operate – we did all manage to produce reasonable bandaging eventually.

While there were similarities with first aid for humans, it was good to know the differences eg:

 - lay the dog on its right hand side when giving artificial respiration or heart massage

- pulse rates vary from 60 – 180 beats per min (lower the bigger the breed)

- respiration rates vary from 10 – 30 breathes per min (lower the bigger the breed)

 There was also emphasis on avoiding being bitten, even by your own dog, as it could lash out when stressed or in pain!

 Finally, there was a recommendation to feed a dog at head height, moisten foods & rest for one hour either side of exercise, to avoid twisted gut.

 In summary, definitely worthwhile & to be recommended.  Many thanks for arranging this.”

 Claire and Bob, Launceston, May 2013

Materials for bandaging

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  • Jan Fly on Jul 11, 2013 Reply

    Very interesting to see that DDB do this course. My owner had a shorter version of this at the vet’s recently. One of my friends was bitten by an adder in our local field two days ago, she is ok now as her owner knew to carry her to the car and get her to the vet as quickly as she coulld.

    Barnaby & Darcy Fly

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