Ted does Afternoon Tea

” A couple of weekends ago my owner and her grandmother took me to the Walled Garden Tearooms at Dunsford for Afternoon Tea. I knew this was a treat, so I was on my best behaviour. I had a feeling I wouldn’t have been invited had I rolled in my favourite cologne that morning, or drunk lots of sea water as I recently did! We walked through the picture perfect village of Dunsford, and entered the walled garden. The tables are spread throughout the garden in little hidden locations, we eventually found a nice sheltered shady spot, and ordered tea. The menu is all home made, so it was hard for my people to choose. I was very impressed that when their cream teas arrived I was brought out a Schmacko, my favourite treat! They even checked with my owner first whether I had any dietary requirements. We all enjoyed our treats in the peaceful surroundings, and then watched the tiny garden birds hopping around looking for any crumbs that had fallen. That was more interesting than TV for me! I had a nice cool drink on the way out, we admired the fish in the pond, and promised the friendly staff we would be back soon. The tearooms are open from April to October,so take advantage of the Summer months and visit soon. You might see me there if I am good! Off to chase some birds on the beach now, see you next month!”

Ted X


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