Ted goes networking…

The name’s Ted, here’s my business card….

Ted beerOn Sunday the 8th of September, I attended my first business function. Now I have my own blog and twitter account as the face of Devon Dog Boarding, I thought it was time to get out there and do some networking, make some connections, do some deals….so I was thrilled when my owners took me along to the EDBI (East Devon Business Initiative) Summer BBQ in aid of the charity Clic Sargent. My Mum goes along every Friday to the business breakfast meetings, and I was looking forward to meeting the group. I was especially looking forward to seeing my best friend Chelsea, mentioned in my April blog, owned by Jenn of Meca Car Services. The event was held at the Turf Locks, and we walked there from Starcross. I had a groom before leaving, and I did try to stay clean…but on the way I spotted a seagull in the Estuary, and it was low tide…. I have to admit I got pretty grubby, head to toe mud :( I thought I smelt great, but the humans don’t usually see it that way! Still, I washed off in the canal, and we arrived to find everyone gathered outside under a tree. It was a very British BBQ, with wind and rain and people wearing waterproofs, but soon the meat was cooking and everyone was having fun. I said hello to everyone, had a great run around, and Elsie, Chelsea and I played with the children for a long time. There was a raffle for Clic Sargent, and it’s always beautiful at the Turf Locks, looking at the Estuary and the lovely countryside. I was lucky enough to be given some small scraps of BBQ meat in exchange for my repertoire of tricks, and we returned home exhausted but very happy. This networking business is fun! Keep an eye out for me, see you next month!

Ted XX

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