Ten Top Tips for
Adopting a Rescue Dog

1) Do your RESEARCH about different breeds and which ones will fit in with your lifestyle, in particular how much exercise you will be able to give your new dog

2) Calculate how much TIME you will have for training and rehabilitating your new dog

3) Go to a respected rescue shelter who will be able to help and advise you

4) Think about your ENERGY levels (see our previous blog article!)

5) Go on your GUT instinct. Make sure there is eye contact and some connection, even if it’s only brief

6) Ask the staff about the dog, after all they are caring for him/her!

7) Greet the dog you are seeing in a CALM assertive way. Speak softly and don’t raise your energy level or the dog will write you off as an unsuitable leader!

8 ) Don’t be prejudiced by a breed’s reputation, nurture is just as important as nature

9) If your dog has recently passed away, wait until the time is right for a new dog. A dog should not enter a house of sadness

10) Give your new dog TIME to settle in. Correct any unwanted behaviour, but remember your dog will need time to settle in and realise this is his/her new forever home

Devon Dog Boarding offers home from home care placing dogs with families for their holidays. Rescue dogs will usually have been in kennels until they were rescued, and returning to kennels could be stressful. Call us if we can offer any advice.

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  • Mandi Brayley on May 22, 2012 Reply

    Both my dogs are rescue dogs & going to a holiday home where they are put in a kennel would be incredibly stressful for them. I would rather cancel my holiday than leave them in that kind of environment. They are rather spoilt & need to stay somewhere that understands their routine(treat time is 9pm & begins with a dentastick, Friday breakfast is tuna & rice, Sunday is roast dinner!!)

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