Ten Top Tips for Ticks

  1. Ticks will wait for sources of blood in long grass. Be careful walking on Dartmoor and areas where there is livestock
  2. Check your dog all over after a walk, paying particular attention to his exposed areas such as his head, ears, and tummy
  3. If you find a tick and you feel confident to remove it, use tweezers or a tick removing device
  4. Grasp the tick as near the skin as possible, and pull out in a slow steady motion until it releases. Check you have the head intact. Destroy the tick or it could reattach to another mammal. If you do not feel you can do this, consult your vet
  5. Use a tick prevention product recommended by your vet
  6. Some people promote natural methods, such as garlic
  7. Do NOT use alcohol, matches, oil or a lighter!
  8. Check the area where the tick attached for infection
  9. Monitor your dog, paralysis can follow a tick bite and ticks can carry diseases
  10. Check yourself as well. Ticks can jump from a dog to your own exposed skin

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