Top ten Christmas hazards to watch out for!

Christmas is wonderful time of year, and your dog should love how the family spends time together.  Make sure it’s a safe and happy time by remembering these hazards for dogs in your home.

1) CHOCOLATE! Dogs can’t process chocolate, especially dark chocolate, and it can cause vomiting, diarrhoea and abnormal heart patterns. Make sure all chocolate including tree decorations is out of reach.
2) Grapes, sultanas and raisins are also poisonous to dogs, so no slice of Christmas pudding!
3) Too many rich scraps from the table can cause problems with the gastric tract, so limit your dog’s treats.
4) Wrapping paper can cause blockages in dogs, so make sure they don’t eat it!
5) A house full of noisy people can scare some nervous dogs; give them a safe quiet place to escape to.
6 ) Make sure you know your vet’s Christmas opening hours and emergency contact numbers in case you do have a problem.
7) Be careful when discarding cooked BONES, which can splinter in your dog’s tummy.
8) Guests arriving and leaving may leave your doors open, so make sure your dog can’t get out and on the road
9) With the fire roaring and the house full of people make sure your dog doesn’t overheat.
10) Some people put additives in the Christmas tree’s water to make it last longer, this is toxic for dogs so don’t let them drink it!

Have a wonderful festive season and do send us your Christmas photos with your dog for our Facebook page! 

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