What is home dog boarding?

How many of us have left a dog at a kennels and driven away, racked with guilt only to return to a pale version of our beloved pet and vow never to leave him there again?

These days most of us see our dogs as a real member of the family, and kennels are no longer an acceptable option. At home we treat our dogs to almost constant human companionship, great walks, and the comfort of a warm family home. When we need to go away, be it for work or on holiday, we want to leave him in the same comfort they are used to. Many of us rely on family and friends, but in this busy age it’s not always possible.

Now there is an alternative so just what is home dog boarding?

Devon Dog Boarding host family with their guest

Home dog boarding is a great alternative to kennels. Your dog stays with a family, in their home. They have all his details and follow his usual routine. The home is different but a great deal of the things your dog is used to are the same. There is a kitchen where all the great food smells come from, there is a garden to go out to the loo in and sniff around to see which birds have been coming in, and there is a comfy lounge with his bed in which to spend a cosy evening dozing.

Our formula for your dog's Happy Holiday!Unlike some companies, Devon Dog Boarding encourages the owners to meet the host family and establish a long term relationship. Typical host families include self-employed people working from home, retired couples who are still very active, and stay at home Mums who can earn some extra income and have the enjoyment and exercise of caring for a dog.

We have been dog boarding for over 3 years, and it always amazes us how quickly the dog will settle into the new home. They really do live in the moment, and as long as their needs are being met and they know they are in safe hands, they relax and enjoy their holiday.

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