What is McTimoney for dogs?

Rachel from Devon Dog Services is a qualified McTimoney practitioner and  tells us what the benefits are for our canine friends.

Do you ever feel niggled by aches and pains? Perhaps you wake up feeling a bit achy and stiff in the morning or have overdone it in the gym? Maybe you have had an accident and although now recovered, find that certain muscles ache more than before? Well, it is no different for our lovely four legged friends. They too suffer from musculo-skeletal aches and pains. Perhaps your dog loves to jump and catch a ball in the air, pulls on the lead, competes in agility, plays roughly with other dogs or is simply getting older and suffering from conditions such as arthritis? All of these things can place stresses and strains on your dog and lead to discomfort and even pain. Dogs are often very stoical creatures and may not show any obvious signs of discomfort which means we can often overlook problems and only notice when they get really bad.
 McTimoney Animal Therapy is a wonderful holistic treatment that helps to relieve muscle tension and discomfort. A combination of massage and very precise adjustments are used to help the body to function at it’s optimum level, focusing specifically on the nervous, muscular and skeletal systems. The whole body is treated and not just a problem area and the experience can be very relaxing for the dog. It is a fantastic maintenance treatment for dogs throughout their life and can actually help prevent problems from arising, (just as human athletes will regularly have massage and physio).
There are signs you can look out for which may indicate your dog may benefit from a McTimoney Treatment and these include:
Lowered exercise intolerance
Reluctance to play with other dogs
More sensitive to touch
Intermittent lameness
Stiffness – especially after periods of rest or lots of exercise
Crying out in pain
Reluctance to get into/out of the car
An obvious knock or fall
Lowered performance in agility
Compensations from conditions such as osteoarthritis.
Due to the calm and relaxing nature of the treatment, it can also be beneficial for anxious or stressed characters and can be incorporated into behaviour modification programmes.
If you would like to find out more about this great treatment then please do contact me for more information or visit the website 



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