What to pack for your dog’s happy holiday

  • FOOD It’s important your dog stays on the same diet, so please provide enough food for the length of stay, plus a bit extra in case you are delayed. Make sure you have given feeding instructions on your client form. Explain any extra requirements when you drop your dog off
  • MEDICATION. If your dog is taking medication please make sure you specify how it should be taken, and check there is enough. Make sure your contact details for the vet are up to date in case the family needs to consult them while you are away.
  • BEDDING. This helps your dog to feel really at home. If he/she usually sleeps in a crate, please provide this. It’s best to bring some bedding that has not just been washed and smells of home.
  • TREATS AND TOYS! This is completely up to you. Feel free to bring your dog’s favourite toy, and if they usually have treats, particularly for training and recall, please provide these.
  • CONTACT DETAILS. If these are different to what is on your form please provide an updated number to contact you on.
  • LEADS. Please provide your dog’s normal lead, and if you sometimes use an extendable lead please provide this as well.
  • GROOMING EQUIPMENT. If your dog has his/her teeth cleaned feel free to provide their usual equipment. If you wish them to be groomed please provide your usual grooming kit, and make sure the family is familiar with how you usually do it.


  • Angela on Jul 25, 2013 Reply

    I agree with Martha. The things listed above is so helpful especially to dog owners. Thanks for sharing!

  • Martha on Jun 13, 2013 Reply

    This is really an informative post. Thanks for sharing this to us. This will help dog owners what to bring when having a vacation. Keep posting.

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