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  • How old does my dog have to be to start residential training?
    From as early as 8 weeks of age, we can jump start your pups toilet training routine, sleep training, separation training, teach household manners & training, and start building positive experiences with anything your pup will need to be able to cope with as an adult
  • How many weeks training do I need to book for my dog?
    Our minimum stay for intensive training is 2 weeks to teach your puppy or adult dog essential key skills and an excellent foundation of training, but 3 weeks is recommended. During this time we can work on key skills in a low level distraction environment. In a 4 week stay, we're solidifying the training from week 2 and 3, and starting to proof to distractions and building more reliability in multiple environments. In a 6 week stay allows us to put a higher level of training in place for you and cover a broader variety of training exercises.
  • Do you offer top up stays?
    Yes. The most reliable level of training is achieved through regular top up stays. So any time you go on holiday, your dog can come back for a refresher and advancement training. This helps to keep your dog's training fresh, and to continue building a reliable response to commands when out and about.
  • How much does it cost?
    Residential training starts from £120 per day depending on the requirements of the dog and stay. Please contact us to discuss further the best package for you and your dog.
  • Are all dogs suitable for residential training with us?
    Not all dogs are suitable for residential training in our set up. We are unable to take dogs with aggression issues (dog or people) as we have our own dogs and this is their home. Separation issues - dogs with separation anxiety are not suitable for residential training. Please contact us to discuss in more detail if you think your dog may have separation anxiety.
  • Do you offer owner training?
    Absolutely, this is an essential part of the training. Owner training is available either during the stay or as a handover at the end. You'll be taught the skills needed to continue with your dogs training once home, so that you can achieve long term success. This is fully supported by access to online training videos for you to refer back to.
  • Do you guarante your training?
    Every dog is different based on their age, breed, personality, previous learning history and environment. They all learn at very different paces and no two dogs can be compared. It is important to note that the training we put in place is foundations only. You will need to commit to continuing your dog's training, so that the training becomes more reliable and understood in multiple envrionments. As long as you are committed to putting the time into your owner training, then we are committed to putting time into your training too! Residentail training helps boost your training and gives you a head start, if you don't want to put any further effort into the training once home, then we are not the right option for you. All dog training is on going if you want reliable consistent behaviours.
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